Mutton Bustin

2018 Mutton Bustin' Rules

1. Registration will be from 5:30 to 6:15pm each night of the CPRA rodeo, September 27, 28, and

29, 2018 at the side gate next to the announcer’s box.  Entries are first come first served, no pre-registration accepted.

2. A $20 entry fee will be collected at time of registration.

3. A parent or guardian must complete and sign a release form at registration and acknowledge receipt of rules provided by SJC Fair Association.

4. Contestant must wear jeans and boots.  A long sleeve western shirt is encouraged.

5. Child must weigh NO MORE than 50 pounds completely dressed. Contestants will be weighed in at time of registration. Contestants weighing 51 pounds or more, completely dressed, will forfeit eligibility to enter the Mutton busting contest.

6. Contestants must not be older than 8 or younger than 3 to compete.

7. Forty (40) contestants will be accepted each night in a preliminary performance of Mutton Busting to begin at 6:30pm prior to the regular rodeo performance. The top 10 scoring contestants will then be asked to compete in the regular CPRA rodeo performance in a championship mutton busting round where the top two scores will be awarded buckles.

8. Contestants will be allowed to sign up for one performance only UNLESS the 40 spots are not filled for that performance at close of sign-ups (6:15pm). xContestants may sign up for one ride only each performance.

9. Protective gear consisting of a vest and helmet will be provided by the San Jacinto county Fair Association. NO ROPES OR SPURS ALLOWED.

10. Contestants may be accompanied by one (1) parent for line up at center  gate. No parents will be allowed in the arena.

11. An announcement will be made each night by the announcer when the child and one (1) parent will be allowed to come down to the arena for preparation of the preliminary round AND  again for those qualifying for the Championship Round during the regular rodeo performance.

12. Rodeo clown will judge and score each contestant’s ride. JUDGE’S DECISION WILL BE FINAL.