COMMITTEE: Tiffany Goodman, Tony Goodman, Susan Bailes, Shannon Wallace, Debbie Hues, Courtney                       Bailes, Stephanie Schubert
DIRECTORS:  Ernest Bailes and Monica Shrader

Click Here to Access SJC Fair Pre-Registration Form for Auction

1) Sale will begin at 11:00 am., Saturday September 29, 2018.


2) Each exhibitor can sell only one (1) animal except if they have a Grand Champion and/or Reserve Champion animal in a different      species. Only then can an exhibitor sell two (2) animals.

3) Each exhibitor must have and display a sale number for their sale animal.  Sale numbers can be picked up at the Sale Office on       sale day (Saturday) between 10:00 am and 11:00 am..

4) Each animal sold will be assessed a 10% sales commission fee to help pay sale expenses.

5) All sale entries will be assessed an additional fee to pay for buyers pictures.  The fair Association will handle the disbursement of      buyer’s pictures only.

6) If an exhibitor wishes to have pictures taken for themselves, the payment and disbursement of pictures will be between the      exhibitor and photographer.

7) Exhibitor’s payment checks will begin to be disbursed the first of November.  The checks will only be disbursed after the buyer has      paid the fair association.  The exhibitor should be aware of this if he/she has borrowed money for their projects.

8) The sales committee will try to secure a buy back of reasonable market price to assist buyers. Animals placed in the buy back will       be sold. Exhibitor has the first option to purchase their animal if sales committee is notified immediately.

9) Any animal in the buy back will be paid for at that time or option to buy is lost, and it will be offered to the next buyer.